Acne Wash - 180 ml

Acne Wash – 180 ml

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1 in stock

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Product Description

Acne Wash is a gentle, effective cleanser that helps control acne breakouts caused by bacteria, excess oil, hormonal changes and stress. This unique oil-free Acne Wash, hydrating wash helps prevent skin from over-drying, which is especially helpful for adult acne. The formula is pH balanced and buffered with lactic and glycolic acids to help shed dry skin cells while improving skin’s texture.

“I started using B. Kamins about 8 years ago. A very good friend of mine is an esthetician and owns a custom blend mineral makeup company in Chattanooga. She recommended it while treating me for an outbreak of adult acne. It never dries my face and did a great job of clearing my skin, so I never stopped using it. I also got it for my teenage girls who had tried another popular brand that was too harsh. If you have allergies to certain dies, this is a great product to look into!” ~ Three Happy Dogs

“I notice that my skin looks much more toned and calm, and it feels great.” ~ bronxNYCsenorita

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