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Derma Topix Benzoyl Peroxide Wash


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Product Description

Benzoyl Peroxide Wash is a therapeutic, soap-free wash that effectively cleanses and treats acne-prone skin without drying or irritating the skin.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Apply a moderate amount to wet skin and massage gently. Rinse clean with lukewarm water and towel dry.  Use twice daily or as directed by your doctor.

“I have very acne and blemish prone skin. Only Proactiv used to work on my skin to keep it acne free but this product has taken over the job. It keeps my skin acne free (except for the random breakouts). I’ve been using it for about 3 months now daily and don’t have to worry about the usual constant breakouts. Definitely repurchasing this product.” ~ Vin

“I get pretty bad breakouts on the back of my neck when the weather changes. I use this to keep it under control, and it works like a charm. I’ve been using this for a year or so now, and I’ve noticed that I’m needing to use it less and less now a days. Just be sure to moisturize the area you apply this too otherwise you might dry your skin out.” ~ Eugene

“I’ve had this for 2 days and I’m already seeing resulting of clearer skin it works way better and faster than any other product I’ve used” ~ Corey